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Peptide Libraries

Peptide libraries are large collections of related and diverse sequences used to identify critical motifs for protein function or protein:protein recognition. These powerful tools have wide applications in numerous areas such as proteomics research, drug discovery, epitope identification, enzyme substrate identification, receptor ligand screening, and many others. Our design services can guide you through the steps of isolating minimum length active peptide sequences, identifying critical amino acid residues, designing analogs for sequence optimization and will provide indicative pricing for all peptide sets.

Peptide libraries are synthesized on a proprietary synthesis platform and are typically supplied at the 1 to 3 mg scale for fast, efficient screening work.  Our purification process can turn "crude" peptide libraries, into fully-purified peptides that have all been prepared to minimum 70%, 80%, 90% or 95% purity by reverse-phase HPLC, regardless of initial “crude” purity.


  • Antibody epitope mapping and validation
  • Protein-peptide binding assay
  • Peptide biological assay
  • T-cell epitope discovery
  • T-cell epitope mapping and validation
  • Peptide vaccine development
  • Vaccine efficacy testing
  • Immune monitoring
  • Optimization and validation of T-cell assays
  • Cell therapy approaches

Service Specifications:

  • Optimized chemistries are employed to ensure consistent quality, purity, and quantity within each batch and between batches.
  • No Cross-Contamination: peptides are directly lyophilized in the wells of 96-well plates.
  • Comprehensive Modifications: biotin, fluorochromes, and unnatural AA etc.
  • Scaling from 2.5 µmol to 50 µmol
  • Quality Control: MS validation data for each peptide. Additional HPLC validation possible.
  • Ready-to-Use Format: we deliver peptide libraries in 96-well plates or tubes.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.