Cyclic and Disulfide Bridge Peptides

Advanced Peptides specializes in the cyclization and side chain conjugation of peptides.

  • Head to Tail cyclic peptides
  • Lactam bridge peptides
  • Single disulfide bridge peptides
  • Multiple disulfide bridge peptides 

Head to Tail

Head to tail peptides are easily assembled via the formation of an amid bond between the peptides own N-terminus amine and C-terminus carboxylic acid. We perform the reaction with very high yields, and routinely provide 98%+ purified cycled peptides. 

Lactam Bridge

We are able to selectively protect, and then deprotect  peptide sidechains to allow for the formation of lactam bridges between Lysine or Diaminopropanoic acid, and Glutamic and Aspartic Acids. We can even perform multiple different sites for bridge formation. 

Single and Multiple Disulfide Bridges

We routinely synthesize single and double disulfide bridges on peptides with very high purity yields. We have even designed and performed long chain synthesis, where we have synthesized peptides internally folded with 3 and 4 disulfide bridges. 

If you are interested in a project with these types of modifications, feel free to contact our experts for consultation at