Multiple Antigenic Peptide System (MAPS)

The MAPS (Multiple Antigenic Peptide System) is a novel tool for generating high-titer anti-peptide antibodies and synthetic peptide vaccines. Peptides are attached through C-terminal to a core matrix of either 4 or 8 branching Lysine, which is called MAPS core. It consists of highly localized peptide density. The high molecular weight (compared with that of peptide) is  suitable for immunizing without conjugation to a carrier protein.

Advanced Peptides provides the service of MAPS synthesis. The loading of solid support and the coupling of each amino acid is carefully monitored.  


1. High molar ratio of peptide antigen to core molecule
2. Defined chemical structures
3. Choice of 4-branch, 8 branch, and others
4. Choice of mono-epitope or di-epitope


1. Does not require the use of a carrier protein to elicit antibody response
2. Increased coating efficiency on solid surface
3. Enhanced detection sensitivity for solid phase immunoassay
4. Valuable for studies of immunology and vaccine studies


1. Average peptide length: 10-15 residues
2. Favored in N-terminal or internal peptide response 
3. Not favored in C-terminal peptide response 
4. Cysteines can cause low yield 
5. Not amenable for further further purification.

Custom Design

    Our chemists would like to discuss with you about your needs and to develop a MAPS structure best suited for your needs.