Antigen Design

There are many factors taken into consideration before starting an antibody program in any species. With over 30 years of experience let one of our staff members assist you in developing a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Let our highly skilled staff assist you with your antigenic selection and design. When producing polyclonal antibodies it is important to take into consideration a number of factors:

  1. What application(s) do you intend to use the antibody for
  2. Choosing the best sequence in relation to your target antigen
  3. Avoiding epitopes that may be unavailable due to structural constraints
  4. Accessing any possible wanted or un-wanted cross reactivity

Antigenic peptide epitopes can be selected using software available at The Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource (IEDB) and also lists of ranked peptide epitopes can subsequently searched with BLAST. For more information on these services or to submit an antigen of interest for analysis please contact us at or 617.562.5740

Peptide Synthesis

For most antibody production projects a peptide of at least 85% purity is recommended, however if desired we can provide a more pure antigen if needed. Advanced Peptides will synthesize approximately 20mg of peptide, which is generally enough peptide to conjugate for the immunogen, perform ELISAs and construct an affinity matrix column if desired.

Peptide acetylation and amidation are offered free. Other modifications are available upon request and will be quoted on an individual basis: Biotinylation, phosphotyrosine, phosphothreonine, phosphoserine, and fluorscein. Please inquire for prices on lesser or greater peptide amounts, higher purity, and varying residue lengths. Get started today, e-mail your amino acid sequence to


To increase the immunogenicity of your antigen you may need to couple it to a larger carrier protein. Generally peptides less than 13-15 KD or less than 25-27 amino acids may need to be conjugated. You can attach your antigen to KLH, BSA or other carrier proteins upon request.