Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA)


PNA is a synthetic analogue of DNA in which the ribose phosphate backbone has been replaced by a polyamide chain. PNA can be used in the same applications as conventional DNA/RNA but because of its unique backbone has a number of advantages:

  1. PNA binds to DNA/RNA with higher affinity and greater specificity than conventional oligonucleotides
  2. PNA is more stable than DNA or RNA as it is resistant to nucleases and proteases
  3. PNA can be hydridized at lower salt concentrations than DNA or RNA which leads to higher stringency
  4. PNA makes ideal reagents for antisense and antigene use, probes for molecular diagnostics, & microarrays

We offer the many custom PNA synthesis services: 

  • Consultation by PhDs with 25+ years of experience
  • PNA Scales from 5mg to mutli-gram
  • Specialized PNA modifications
  • PNA libraries
  • PNA Arrays
  • PNAs from 3 to 100 monomers
  • PNA purities from crude to >98%
  • PNA-Peptide conjugations
  • PNA-Protein conjugations
  • PNA Purification

We manufacture all of our PNAs in our own laboratory in Boston, MA. This allows us to offer you the highest level of quality control over the synthesis of your custom ordered product. The expertise of our scientists allow for fast turn around and the best customer support available.

A PhD Scientist analyzes each custom PNA then issues certificates of analysis, which are shipped with detailed quality control documentation. A free RP-HPLC trace and Mass Spec analysis are included. Our custom synthesis is carried out and overseen by our PhDs using an assortment of state-of-the-art instrumentation in our facility.