Our research scale facilities located in the heart of Boston are state-of-the-art, implementing proven technologies to produce peptides and PNA's with reliability, integrity, and value. We are located centrally from many greater Boston research centers, 1.5 miles from MIT and Harvard Medical school, and 3 miles from Harvard university and BU Medical school. We give the highest attention to quality and design, which in turn gives researchers the tools they need to succeed in their work.

Our chemical synthesis core facilitates 3 types of custom synthesis projects:

1.       Fully automated peptide/PNA synthesis and manual purification of product.

2.       Manual custom designed peptide/PNA synthesis and purification

3.       Research and design of novel products/modifications

Our large scale cGMP and GLP peptide facility is located in the metro Boston area, where we perform the production of our API’s and clinical trial products. Inquire to our technical service department for more about our 100 gram to multi kilogram production of peptides and PNA: tech@advancedpeptides.com

Our biological facilities are located on 60 acres of farm land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Staffed by over 40 dedicated, highly trained professionals, this facility primarily focuses on the production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and cell lines.  Here we also produce normal animal sera, plasma, red blood cells, and other custom specialty biologics.